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Choose an iMessage style for casual chats or a Facebook Wall style for announcement chats.


Calendar, logistics, photos, attendance, polls, guest lists; all in one place.

Group Management

Flare has everything a group needs. Contact list, birthdays, albums, points system, alumni and more.

Elite messaging.

Messaging app UI conversation between two people
Use a traditional message layout for back and forth conversations between a few people.
The wall layout features posts and comment threads so the frequency of notifications is reduced.

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So easy and convenient


Flare has been a lifesaver for me, I used to use group me as a way to communicate with my groups in a fraternity but we found out that wasn’t a safe and secure. I really love the feature of following and becoming friends with others on the flare app. Also being able to have multiple chats inside of one group is great to split up into breakout rooms with smaller groups inside a big group!

Amazing!! We love this app!


My fraternity uses this app and it is great! Having everything under one roof is incredible and so efficient. From having a calendar built into the app, to being able to upload files, to the privacy within the chats, it’s all great!! This app is our main source of communication and we have no problems with it!! I would highly recommend getting this app! 10/10

Communication made easy!!


Flare is super to use and very convenient for communication between different groups. It offers many features that are not available on other communication apps. Especially for sororities and fraternities, it makes life a lot easier! I just started using the app, not too long ago, and I am overwhelmed with its capabilities! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a better way of communication!



As Secretary for Phi Mu, we transferred from our old platform to Flare starting spring semester of 2023 and it was such a great decision and transition for the chapter!! they love it so much and it makes things so much more convenient and efficient for our points, attendance, pictures, chats, etc.!! The girls love it so much and it connects our chapter much more than our old platform did!! Def get this app if you are looking for the best platform to keep your chapter organized and connected!!💕💕

We love FLARE!


The transition to Flare has been so easy because of the help of Jack and his colleagues! The officer team felt completely informed about the Flare app and supported by the Flare team throughout the whole process. All of our members/officers have enjoyed using Flare, and are impressed by the amount of functions we can complete much more efficiently because of this app. Thank you to the Flare team for being so generous with their time and resources as we began to explore Flare. We are looking forward to observing improvements related to social media, event efficiency, time management, communication, and morale within our chapter because of Flare! Thank you!

Best app to keep a TON of info for a TON of people!


My sorority just switched to this app and it is great! It has a calendar and it’s one of my favorite parts about the app because I am able to add it to my google calendar or apple calendar. I am able to send direct messages and respond to specific chats. I am also able to react to messages however I want rather than having to just “like” a message. Great app for a lot of people to get a lot of information really fast!!

Flare is exactly what my chapter needed


This app is so awesome! Now my sorority can keep everything in the same spot (group chats, contacts, calendars, etc) without us having to check 5 different apps for whatever it may be. Also the creator is awesome - we had a zoom call with him and he was super receptive to our ideas and feedback. Truly cares about the app and it’s users! Would def recommend to other organizations looking to find an app that does it all.

Love this app


This app solves a lot of problems when it comes to photo sharing within friend groups and after different events. The app runs very smoothly and after you upload your pictures they appear on a timeline which you can scroll through and save whatever you like at great quality. It’s like mini photo albums you can keep to remember all your memories... I’m guessing this app is going to be the next Facebook or Instagram because it’s efficient and ingenious

Phi Sig LOVES Flare!


We just switched from GroupMe to Flare within the last year and we love it! We can text as a group or individually. We can also keep track of all of our events within the app and even upload pictures to the events in the app so that we all have access to photos from the event. It is so easy to use and has kept our sorority a lot more organized when it comes to announcements and events!

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