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Interview with Lily Byrd, President of Kappa Alpha Theta at Texas A&M

Flare vs. Slack

Flare's unique features cater specifically to the needs of college students, providing a comprehensive solution for communication and organization. Consider your priorities and college activities when making your decision, as both Slack and Flare have their strengths and could enhance your college journey in different ways.

Best Chapter Messaging App for Greek Life Sororities and Fraternities

Flare stands out as the best messaging app for Sororities, Fraternities and other Greek life organizations due to its comprehensive and tailored features. From enhancing communication through group chats and announcements to simplifying event management via the events calendar, ticketing, and attendance tracking, Flare has revolutionized how these organizations operate.

What's New on Flare

We've introduced an exciting list of feature updates over the summer. From adding brand new features like FlareCam to enrich the event going and hosting experience to expanding the customizability of chats and updating the information shared on personal profiles, we are constantly listening to your feedback and requests to make Flare the best app for group messaging and group communications!

Flare vs. GroupMe

Compare Flare as the best group communications app to GroupMe for your organization's needs. Consider Flare as GroupMe plus so much more. Communicate with, plan for, and organize your team, group, organization, and friends all in one place. Flare is the best event management, group communications, and photo sharing app for college groups.

The Best App to Manage a College Club

Among the options available, Flare stands out as the best app to manage college clubs, offering a comprehensive array of features that cater to every aspect of a club's needs. No more using GroupMe, Facebook Events, Email Newsletters, etc. all for the same group. From seamless communication to efficient event planning, Flare has it all.

Best Alternatives to GroupMe for Clubs

While GroupMe has been a popular choice for managing club communications, there are several worthy alternatives that offer unique features and enhanced functionality. This article delves into the best alternatives to GroupMe, each designed to streamline club communication, collaboration, and organization for groups, teams, and organizations.

The Story of Flare

Developed by Jack, the founder of Flare in his room over three years, Flare has been adopted by over 1000 groups across the country. Founder and CEO Jack Chen was just beginning his studies at Brown University when he began to learn how to code to bring his idea to life in his free time.