What's New on Flare

August 28, 2023

By Olivia Chuang, Operations and GTM Specialist

Based on your feedback and requests, the Flare team has been hard at work to bring new and improved features to our platform.  Check out everything that we’ve added this summer to make Flare the best app for group messaging and group communications!

Here’s what’s new in Flare 4.0 and 4.1:

Introducing FlareCam

Inspired by our love for using disposable film cameras to capture candid moments with friends, we created FlareCam to enrich the event experience. FlareCam is like a disposable camera without the costs or limitations. When enabled, guests can take disposable-like film-quality photos directly in-app that are only revealed when the host releases them for an authentic and nostalgic experience.

Improved Customizability for Chats

  • You can now create sub chats within your group. These chats do not have to include everyone and can be optional for those who want to join them. (Ex. Majors, Class, Buy and Sell, etc.)
  • You can now lock and hide custom chats from members who are not a part of it — this is great for board chats.
  • It is now easier to invite and add your group connections to chats.
  • Copy and paste images in chats.
  • Export Poll Results.
  • Underlined links in chats

A Better Events Experience

  • You can now select specific members to be invited to events within the group.
  • You can now invite specific chats within the group to events.
  • Enable FlareCam for fun, candid, film photos.
  • Invite group connections to events and their admins determine who goes.
  • You can now set RSVPs and RSVP limits.
  • Event Cover Photo.
  • Tag your friends in the comments of photos.

A Refreshed Way to Connect with Friends

  • Link your social media platforms to your profile
  • Add a personal bio to your profile
  • Pin your most active groups
  • New updated profile and group UI

Keep an eye out on our Youtube Channel where we’ll be adding tutorials and walkthroughs, and stay connected with us on our Instagram @flare.app!