Flare vs. GroupMe

August 15, 2023

Communicate more effectively in a platform that connects all your chats, events, photos, and files all in one place.

Get so much more than just group chats with Flare

Flare has everything you need, from an events calendar to attendance tracking to shared photo albums to alumni management. Say bye to checking four different apps for notifications from the same group — you won’t be needing to leave all that often.

Flare's features have been built with and for college groups of all types

Trusted by over a thousand groups across hundreds of schools

Groups all over the country at universities such as Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, Texas A&M, FSU, Penn State, Berkeley, USC, Texas Tech, UCSD and over a hundred more, use and love Flare as their group communications app.

Flare loved by leaders as the most comprehensive and effective group communication tool

Flare is rated highly by users on the App store based on hundreds of customer reviews. Don’t just take our word for it. Read more reviews from our users here.

This past month, our chapter of almost 300 members transitioned to using Flare for attendance, points, group messages, officer announcements, calendar, birthdays, photo collections, and more! We have also found the app useful to collect member contact information, university ID, and other important info. The transition to Flare has been so easy because of the help of Jack and his colleagues!...We are looking forward to observing improvements related to social media, event efficiency, time management, communication, and morale within our chapter because of Flare! Thank you! — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Texas A&M University Kappa Alpha Theta Executive Board
Flare is every avenue of what a sorority needs all wrapped into one app. It has ironed out so many things that used to occupy all of our time in our positions, having basic things like point sheets taken care of has allowed us to focus on bigger things for our chapter. We are able to rededicate time that used to be spent on tricky check ins and spreadsheets to making our chapter a special place!— ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Texas Tech ZTA
Flare has transformed the the way the Greek community communicates with each other. A section of the app I love is being able to move brothers to an alumni chat when they graduate. This has helped our chapter form a better foundation with talking to our alumni. After my first meeting with Flare, I knew this was the ideal app for my fraternity. Flare provides many useful features like calendar planning, sharing photos, and creating a roster for my current chapter with all their information. Thank you Flare.— ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  President, UCF Theta Chi

One customizable place for all your group’s needs

Search Easily Within Chats

Easily toggle between search results. Say bye to the “Load More” annoyance

Plan events and invite members all in the same place

Our events manager feature allows you to create an unlimited amount of events in one go, making your group’s social chair and secretary’s roles much simpler. No need to create separate Facebook events or Google Calendar invites for dozens of events. Users can seamlessly schedule events, share them with the group, and receive notifications.

Increase engagement and track participation with Flare’s points system

Flare introduces a unique points system that can increase group participation. Members earn points for attending events and lose points for not contributing to the group's goals.

Collect information from your members with a click

Unlike GroupMe, you can require group members to provide contact information and additional details. Easily export this information in a PDF roster for your group’s record keeping.

Share and save photos connected to events and albums at high quality

As an admin, create an unlimited number of shared group albums for photos and videos. For content that is associate to an event, directly upload the photos and videos to the event highlights to instantly share with all event attendees.

Create topic specific chats and sub-chats

With Flare, you can create chats suited to your group’s needs all within a centralized place. Have sub-chats for announcements, memes, subcommittees, memes, buy & sell, FAQ, etc. and customize the layout accordingly.

Keep announcements separate from general chats

Announcements mode allows only group admins to broadcast important messages to the entire group. This prevents GroupMe relies on traditional messages for announcements, which might lead to them getting lost in the conversation thread.

Stay connected with your group long after graduation

With Flare’s alumni feature, you can move yourself or other members into a connected alumni group, letting group members stay in touch with the group postgrad without getting notifications that are no longer relevant.

Add members to the connected alumni group to stay in touch

See why Flare is the most comprehensive application for group communication

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