Flare vs. Slack

September 21, 2023

Consolidate your group’s chats, events, photos, files, point system and communicate more effectively on a platform that does it all.

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More than just a messaging app

Flare has everything you need, from tracking points and attendance, to sending out announcements and managing your group’s events calendar. Say bye to the days of using GroupMe, emails, texts, GCal invites, and Facebook events all for the same organization.

While Slack has gained popularity for its versatility in the workplace, Flare is the first platform to truly offer a unique set of features tailored to the needs of college students. Here are some of the features that makes Flare the best fit for college group messaging and the best alternative to traditional communications like GroupMe, Facebook Events, Emails, and Slack.

Integrated event invites and event calendar

See all your upcoming events in one place and easily share photos with other event attendees. Track event attendance and send out announcements so that everyone can get the information they need right at their fingertips.

Share media and organize photos in albums

Easily upload and download photos with group members at high quality and keep them organized by event or within albums. You can even turn on Flare Cam for your event to create a candid photo taking experience with your friends!

Track points and attendance without the hassle

Flare has a built in point system that is customizable for your group's needs. Assign point opportunities to events and award members for engaging more actively with your organization. Ditch other manual sheets and clunky forms for Flare's streamlined point system that combines it all.

Finding the perfect fit for your organization

The choice ultimately depends on your specific college needs and preferences. Slack is a versatile platform widely used in professional settings and can adapt to various scenarios. However, Flare's tailored features, such as sub-chats, events calendar, announcements, attendance tracking, and a points system, make it the best app for college students in clubs and other college organizations.

Download Flare for free on the Apple Store or Google Play and get started today.