Best Chapter Messaging App for Greek Life Sororities and Fraternities

August 30, 2023

By Olivia Chuang, Operations and GTM Lead

From Berkeley, California to Tallahassee, Florida, Greek life organizations have found a new ally in the form of the Flare app.

Designed to streamline and enhance the way these groups communicate and connect, Flare offers a comprehensive suite of features that make it the ultimate messaging app for Greek life organizations. From group chats and event management to alumni engagement and shared photo albums, Flare has redefined how these organizations function.

In this post, we will delve into the various features that make Flare the best messaging app for Fraternities and Sororities.

1. 💬 Customizable Group Chats

Group chats lie at the heart of any active Greek life organization. On Flare you can create group chats with all members of a group or sub chats with only certain members. You can also add external users to your group’s chats which is the perfect feature for adding advisors. Send GIFs, run polls, share photos, emoji react and choose what layout you’d like for your chat depending on the topic. For example, we’ve seen groups create chats in a wall layout to share closets or to buy and sell clothes and other items.

2. ⭐️ Points System and Engagement

Flare goes beyond conventional messaging apps by incorporating a points system that encourages active participation. Members earn or lose points for attendance to events, contributing to discussions, and participating in activities. This is great way for board members and brothers and sisters to keep track of their engagement throughout the semester and monitor their progress.

3. 🗓️ Events Calendar and Ticketing

Greek life organizations are known for their events from philanthropic and internal bonding events, to social and school wide. Flare simplifies the event management process with an integrated events calendar where members can view upcoming meetings, gatherings, parties, and philanthropic activities. With the added benefit of ticketing, managing event attendance becomes a breeze, ensuring accurate head counts and tracking for attendees.

4. ✔️ Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance is vital for Greek life organizations to maintain accountability and plan effectively. Flare's attendance tracking feature allows event organizers to monitor who attended which events, streamlining record-keeping and ensuring that members meet their participation requirements.

5. 📇 Alumni Management

Engaging alumni is essential for the continuity and growth of Greek life organizations. Flare addresses this need by providing a feature for alumni management. Once added to the connected alumni group, past members are automatically added to an alumni chat and can be invited to events by the group without getting notified by other group chats and activities that are meant for current members. Both current members and alumni alike can view and stay in contact with one another, fostering a sense of community that extends beyond the college years.

6. 📣 Announcements and Updates

Important announcements and updates are a regular part of Greek life. Flare offers several places for admins and board members to  share critical information with members. Whether it's upcoming deadlines, chapter meetings, or emergency alerts, the app ensures that announcements aren’t lost in the sea of messages. With pinned messages, announcements mode chats (only admins can post), and announcements directly on events keep group members in the know with realtime notifications.

7. 📸 Shared Photo Albums

Memories play a significant role in Greek life, and Flare recognizes this by offering shared photo albums. Members can upload and share event photos and download them without losing photo quality.

Flare for Greek Life

With over 100,000 monthly users, Flare stands out as the ultimate messaging app for Greek life organizations due to its comprehensive and tailored features. From enhancing communication through group chats and announcements to simplifying event management via the events calendar, ticketing, and attendance tracking, Flare has changed how these organizations operate and stay connected.

Flare is free and downloadable on the App Store and on Google Play. Try it out today.